Plagiarius-Exhibition: Original vs. Counterfeit

Plagiarius-Exhibition: Original vs. Counterfeit

Exhibition in Wien, Austria

2 products that seem identical at first sight - but only one is the original

Plagiarius - Exhibitions and Lectures

Are you planning a trade fair appearance, a seminar on Intellectual Property Rights, an innovation day, a China-seminar, an open day, a design exhibition etc. ?

We would like to support you with our service offer:

Lectures (product- and brand piracy)

  • Informative  (facts + background information, current trends, defensive measures)
  • Practical/ hands-on  (diverse examples of affected companies and their experiences)
  • Concise,  brought forward in a living and qualified manner
  • German / English

Exhibition "Original vs. Counterfeit"

  • Individual and flexibel  (scope / duration)
  • Practical/ hands-on  (examples from all industries – in each case the original product and its plagiarism in direct comparison)
  • Vivid, focused and readily understandable
  • Eye-Catcher  for any kind of event
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Please contact us and let us know your planned activities and ideas. We look forward to joint projects with you!



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