1. Prize

Kitchen Cutting Device "Nicer Dicer Quick"

2. Prize

KAYSER Cream Chargers

3. Prize (awarded twice)

JULIUS-K9 Dog Harness "IDC Powerharness"

3. Prize (awarded twice)

(Laptop-) Backpack "Wenger Ibex"

Plagiarius Awarding 2020
2. Prize - KAYSER Cream Chargers

Left Original: Kayser Berndorf GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Right Counterfeit: Female Foods BV, Woerden, The Netherlands (liquidated)
A Belgian vendor acquired the counterfeits "in good faith".
The counterfeiter infringes the figurative mark "KAYSER" and copies 1:1 product and packaging. The fakes do not meet any quality and safety standards: The cap of a counterfeit charger has exploded under normal storage conditions and without any external influence. The chargers are rusted inside; the gas in the chargers is contaminated and not food safe.